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RPM 2007 (2007)

The first ten songs I have ever written.

Black Window Music (2008)

RPM 2009 (2009)

Four-day rough-cut recording spree.

Split LP (BWM & Prissy Chimney) (2010)

Split LP with Prissy Chimney + a bonus track by Veery Aurora.

2011 Album (2011)

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Black Window Music


"Halfway between the Mississippi Delta and the Southern Appalachians, folks somehow got hold of a few old Rock N' Roll records, put them in a pot with some road kill and ate it up. Wasn't so good for them but it put some hair on their chests and got them to sinning and cussing in the evening hours while maintaining a proper public image to their best abilities otherwise. They got to playing some Black Window Music, which did some time spinning round the atmosphere. Some years since, wind picked up and a yankee fellow got a ring in his ear, picked up an old guitar from a trash bin and set down to playing it and singing to it best he could. Some coastal lowlanders soon hit some notes along his side and figured they'd stick around as the band he'd been in bad need of for some time. They'd get to be known as Black Window Music."

Earnest Walter IV writes, sings, & plays guitar, harmonium, and tambura



Completed Albums

RPM 2007(2007)

The first ten songs I have ever written.

Little Fire
Soldier (of) War
Little Angel Song
Grandmothers, Grandfathers
Down the Docks
My Black Mama (traditional with original arrangement)

Black Window Music(2008)

Making Angels In Earnest
Oh My Lover
Seeing Ghosts
Tricks & Traps
Shoe Box Boy

RPM 2009(2009)

Four-day rough-cut recording spree.

Black-eyed, Black-haired Witch-woman   Download
Death of Me (live)   Download
She Really Missed Her Old Montana (extended play)   Download
I Do Not Play No Rock & Roll   Download
Vampire Baptist Preacher   Download
If I Should Leave You   Download
Sugar Chair   Download
Black    Download
The Baying Boy   Download
Beasts at Birth (live)   Download

Split LP (BWM & Prissy Chimney)(2010)

Split LP with Prissy Chimney + a bonus track by Veery Aurora.

South of South Georgia   Download
Mr. Mishievous   Download
Bide My Time   Download
Snakes Like Wires   Download
When You Were Born   Download
Across the Sea (Prissy Chimney)   Download
Rain Storm (Prissy Chimney)   Download
I'm Atrocious (Prissy Chimney)   Download
Snow Drift Chimney Swift (Prissy Chimney)   Download
Karma Suture (Prissy Chimney)   Download
BABY GAGA (Veery Aurora)   Download

2011 Album(2011)

Cold to the Bone   Download
Born a King   Download
Hungry Like the Sun   Download
Letter to the Lot of You   Download
Papers   Download
Pyres   Download
Safety Net   Download
Black Clouds   Download
Brown Trout Blues   Download
Devil in Me   Download